In May, Glen Weaver of Petaluma was profiled on the Sunday volunteer page as a man with a dream. He wanted to give books to children and elders along the old Sonoma County Library rural routes.
The only thing stopping him was finding a trailer to fill with books.
A Press Democrat reader, James Darlington of Healdsburg, recently donated a trailer made from the bed of a Chevy Luv pickup truck.
“He said it had been sitting for several years and that the article touched him,” said Weaver.
Darlington told Weaver that he hadn’t had a lot of opportunity for reading as a child and wanted to be part of literacy efforts in the county. Darlington’s daughter Amber also donated a box of books.
Weaver is outfitting the trailer to accommodate rolling shelves that can be locked into place when driving and when parked, rolled out of the trailer. He said that Suzanne Brunetti of Episcopal Senior Communities offered to help acquire the special book shelves.
And the book donations are rolling in. Weaver just picked up stacks from Sonoma Mountain Elementary School and a teacher at Casa Grande High School is organizing a book drive for the bookmobile.
Here’s the link to the original story: http://community.pressdemocrat.com/2009/05/bringing-back-the-bookmobile.html
While Weaver now has his trailer, he’s still accepting books and he hopes other like-minded literacy advocates will volunteer to help him cover the routes. His website is: www.sonomacountybookmobile.org.

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