Love the bow-tie!

Love the bow-tie!

Sergeant Mark McAffee of the California Highway Patrol has been a motorcycle officer most of his career. On Monday, after 26 years of service, “Mac” turned in his bike.  He is now officially and utterly retired.
The drive into the Oakland CHP office is usually a rather dull 40 minute solo ride for McAffee. But not on his last day when he was surprised by his entire team, 11 motor officers, who rallied in Petaluma to escort him to work.

At 6-feet, 3-inches tall, McAffee looks a lot like the man on the Mr. Clean bottle. His nickname is “Leather” because he’s so tough.

Heck, he once hit a deer while on his bike and rode to a safe stop with the animal flailing atop his arms. He never took his hands off the handles.


He has a sweet side too. He’s been in the paper a few times, most notably for stopping traffic to escort a mamma duck and her ducklings across a busy roadway.
Good Deeds has it on good authority that McAffee’s last workday ride was uneventful except for one or two happy tears whipping into the wind.

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